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The Spirit of our Age

According to Sardar, « The espiritu del tiempo, the spirit of our age, is characterized by uncertainty, rapid change, realignment of power, upheaval and chaotic behavior. We live in an in-between period where old orthodoxies are dying, new ones have yet to be born, and very few things seem to make sense. We live in a state of flux beset by indecision. We are disempowered by the risks, cowed into timidity by fear of the choices we might be inclined or persuaded to contemplate.
Welcome to postnormal times. It’s a time when little out there can be trusted or gives us confidence ».
To confront this alarming situation, and to help you make your way out of this period of shake up, we set a culture of « rethinking » and reviewing old orthodoxies in order to create a new mindset of anticipation and adaptation. A mindset where nothing seems to be true at all times; truth that needs to reflect the broad spectrum of human existence and cultures.
So, it’s time to think of the unthinkable:

  1. From greedy to wise leadership:
    All what we have learned about leadership was around winning and maximizing profit and defeating others, but today I think time has come to rethink leadership & leadership practices in order to create wise leaders who are able to see the big picture
  2. From competition to cooperation:
    Throughout the history of mankind, competition between nations, companies and individuals prevailed and sometimes it led to dreadful wars. We all compete for scarce resources. But, nowadays I think we need to switch from competition to cooperation.
  3.  From self-defense to collective security:
    Up until now, all nations have been rivaling in a crazy arm race which in case of lack of wisdom would lead to massive destruction. For this reason, we need to switch from self-defense to collective security.
  4. From capitalism to collectivism:
    Thanks to Capitalism, Humanity has made giant strides in terms of technological advancement, generating wealth and improving life conditions. However, Capitalism has also unleashed all the greedy & selfish instincts to the point of no control. That’s why, and for the sake of a better future of humanity we need to promote collectivism.
  5. From individual intelligence to collective intelligence:
    For hundreds of years we were preoccupied by developing our individual intelligence, but I think it’s time to build and develop our collective intelligence.