Objective 1

Help individuals, organizations and nations to debunk the future and understand the driving forces and governing trends.

Objective 2

Help our clients in this era of transition to shape their future successfully.

Objective 3

Work with experts and UN institutions to create new wisdom Indexes.

Objective 4

Build a new Wisdom Maturity Model (WMM) to be followed by individuals, organizations and nations.

Mediterranean Business Academy

It's a new era of living in the future and for the future where uninformed decisions might lead to fatal diversions.

Word of the CEO

In this new era of Post Normal Times, individuals, organizations and nations …
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The Spirit of our Age

According to Sardar, « The espiritu del tiempo, the spirit of our age, is characterized …
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Studies & Consulting services

In order to be highly effective in serving our clients and secure a competitive position for them in the future …

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The Art of Shaping the Future

Shaping your Future

Dr Maher

From greedy to wise leadership

All what we have learned about leadership was around winning and maximizing profit and defeating others.

From competition to cooperation

Throughout the history of mankind, competition between nations, companies and individuals prevailed and sometimes it led to dreadful wars.

From self-defense to collective security

Up until now, all nations have been rivaling in a crazy arm race which in case of lack of wisdom would lead to massive destruction. For this reason, we need to switch from self-defense to collective security.

From capitalism to collectivism

Thanks to Capitalism, Humanity has made giant strides in terms of technological advancement, generating wealth and improving life conditions.

From individual intelligence to collective intelligence

For hundreds of years we were preoccupied by developing our individual intelligence, but I think it’s time to build and develop our collective intelligence.


Together we shape the future.

MAher Kheder
MAher Kheder
Founder & Chairman of world wisdom Initiative
John A. Sweeney
John A. Sweeney
Head of Research & Strategic Studies
Ilhem Kallel
Ilhem Kallel
A. Professor with the Department of Computer Science and Multimedia at the ISIMS-University of Sfax-Tunisia.
Prof. Sohail Inayatullah
Prof. Sohail Inayatullah
Head of Wisdom Index team




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Change Management


Wisdom Maturity Model


Wisdom index



Mediterranean Business Academy

Benjamin Franklin (one of the founding fathers), once said: « Early to bed and early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise », as if wisdom were the least important in our life. whereas, today we need to rethink Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. In fact, wealth without wisdom leads to overgrowing ego, and health without

We all want to save our world … we all want our planet to go green .. we often speak about peace and refuse war, but in fact we do very little to make all this happen or we act individually without creating the right momentum. Here comes the right initiative for all of us